Advice on choosing.


Advice on choosing

First by wearing Denim & Jean Fabric permit

So if you are into crowded jeans and turned them are the right ones for you. Each wearing denim and adapted to allow physique. Neither of us did not want to wear jeans that it will be a couple of hours free at the waist, buttocks and thighs.

2 Do not be afraid of new trends

"Boyfriend" jeans that look like an older brother of the closet you can certainly remove the pounds just by their suits. Boyfriend know exactly what they have to ZAKR looked stylish and irresistible.

3 Slimky the slim figure is not always rule

Dish jeans brand jeans have a perfect slim cut that slims the fuller figure. This type of jeans should each of us in the closet.

4th Cropped - Ankle jeans

Abbreviated jeans revealing members already know each of the world's pier. If you are taller and have nice legs, show them to be. Divert attention from a wider waist.

5 biggest hit of this seasonal "overalls"

In your wardrobe should not miss denim overalls. Act feminine and flatter curves appropriate for slender figures.

6th Rifle on braces

Forget about simplicity, trendy jeans with braces are suitable for every type of character. Show that you are trendy.

7 Do not forget the decorations 

Discharge, patches, zippers, applications, lace, crystals all attracts attention just for you. Jeans are your jewelry! Adorn yourself!