Information on the use of cookies


Information on the use of cookies

To ensure the proper functioning of this website sometimes we store on your device small data files called. cookie. It is a common practice of most major Web sites.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on your computer or mobile device when it prehliadaní.Vďaka this file to the Web site for some time keeps track of your steps and preferences (such as login name, language, font size, and other settings imaging), so each visit the site or browse the individual pages you do not need to reproduce.

How do we use cookies?

The cookies used on our site, it is possible in terms of their durability divided into two basic types. Short called. "Session cookie" which are temporary and remain stored in your browser only until such time as you close the browser, and so long. "Persistent cookies" that remain stored on your device or much longer unless you manually delete them (the time of leaving cookies on your device depends on the setting of the cookie and your browser settings).

In terms of the function they perform each cookie, cookies can be divided into:

  • conversion that allow us to analyze the performance of different sales channels

  • tracking (tracking), which in combination with conversion to help analyze the performance of different sales channels

  • Remarketing we use to personalize content and ads properly targeted

  • analysis that help us increase user comfort our site that we understand how users use it

  • essential, which are important for basic functionality of the Web

Some cookies may collect information that is then used by third parties and by example. directly support our promotional activities (ie. "third-party cookies"). For example, information about the products they buy visitors to our site can be displayed by an advertising agency, so we can better customize the display of internet advertising banners displayed on your website. According to these data, however, you can not be identified.

How to control cookies

Cookies can control and / or deleted at the discretion - For details, refer to page . You can delete all cookies stored on your computer and most browsers, you can set it to them prevented them ukladanie.V this case, however, you may need whenever you visit a website manually adjust some settings and some services and functions will not operate.

Using cookies you can be set by your internet browser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies already in the initial setup. Cookies may be using your Web browser to refuse or set to use only some cookies.

Information about browsers and how to set preferences for cookies can be found at the following websites:

Effective tool for managing cookies are also available on the website .